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Designed & Built
Maine, USA

Vented Dipstick System

The vented dipstick system (VDS) was developed for MFWD axle housings. Its design allows the housing to breathe bi-directionally, preventing over-pressurization and vacuum conditions caused by factory sealed units or one-way relief valves made by other manufacturers, including the OEM option. 



  • Provides protection from axle housing pressurization/vacuum, preventing potential hub seal failure, oil leaks, costly repairs and down time. 

  • Precision machined aluminum dipstick and fittings replace OEM components

  • Extruded dipstick boss allows for tool-less removal or accepts ¾” (19mm) wrench

  • Inverted vent offers maximum protection from water, dust and debris

  • Filter enclosed in dipstick head provides dust protection even if hose becomes damaged or removed

  • Beaded hose adapter allows for quick removal of vent hose for oil changes or level checks 

  • Durable and weather resistant thermoplastic rubber hose

  • No moving parts

  • O-rings, tubing, installation hardware and detailed instructions included 

  • Designed and made in USA

Also distributed by: Bolt On Hooks
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