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The Otis Team

Otis Innovation was born out of the necessity for a better product and a passion for solving problems. When we couldn't find the right solution for our tractor, we decided to design and create our own. Our first prototype was built in our garage, and it evolved into the idea of making it available to everyone.  So, in the summer of 2021, we began consulting with folks that could assist us with larger scale manufacturing and marketing to make the launch of this idea possible. 

We are currently a simple and small family venture, consisting of our two young boys and us. Jake has a background in engineering/fabrication, and a passion for creative design, while Ellen's career as a nurse has evolved into full-time mom, website designer, and business administrator. We are located in rural central Maine, where we spend a lot of time on the tractors and where the prototype designs are still built in our garage. We hope our products help in making your tractor investment more reliable and useful, and we intend to continue to develop innovative and practical solutions for tractor owners everywhere.  Don't forget to check in with us from time to time as we are always working on new product designs. We'd love to hear your ideas too. Thank you for visiting!


Jake & Ellen

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