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The all-new Multi-Mount. Create your own storage solution using Otis Innovation's patent pending modular base design.

Simple. Effective. Affordable.

Rigid Basket

Onboard factory storage options are extremely limited among most tractor models. The Multi-Mount allows owners to outfit their tractors with an adequate custom-tailored storage solution that best suits their needs.

Compatible with Gen2 John Deere iMatch (adjustable upper hook only)

  • No removal needed when changing attachments

  • Single pin bolt allows for quick and easy removal of storage compartment if needed off the tractor

  • Base bracket can be used in any hook position.

  • Side plates offer additional mounting options while providing for stable base if disconnected from the hitch.  

  • Built entirely of 3/16” steel plating

  • All hardware included

  • Expand the versatility of your tractor

  • Forever made in America  

Base Bracket on Tractor
Base Plate Kit

Complete Kit:

Base Plate

  • (1) stainless pin bolt

  • (4) 5/16” x 1” stainless mounting bolts

  • (5) 5/16” stainless lock nuts

  • (9) 5/16” stainless flat washers

  • (4) 5/16” x 1-1/2” stainless fender washers

Base bracket

  • (2) Class 10.9 M16 x 70mm hook replacement bolts

  • (2) Class 10 M16 nuts

Base Bracket Kit

Ideal for:

  • Tool boxes

  • Coolers

  • Totes

  • Crates

  • Ammo Cans

  • Chain Saw Boxes

  • Modular Systems, i.e., Milwaukee PACKOUT™, etc. 

  • Your own custom-built solution

Multi-Mount on Tractor
One Solution, Infinite Possibilities

Modular Toolbox Systems

If utilizing a modular toolbox system mounting base, an intermediate plate may be required for mounting bolts.

Packout System
Packout System

Pictured above: Milwaukee PACKOUT™

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