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Vented Dipstick System

All models of dipsticks

The vented dipstick system (VDS) was developed for MFWD axle housings. Its design allows the housing to freely breathe bi-directionally, preventing positive or negative pressure conditions within a sealed axle.


  • Provides protection from axle housing pressurization/vacuum, preventing potential hub seal failure, oil leaks, costly repairs and down time. 

  • Precision machined aluminum dipstick and fittings replace OEM components

  • Milled dipstick boss allows for tool-less removal or accepts ¾” (19mm) wrench

  • Inverted vent offers maximum protection from water, dust and debris

  • Filter enclosed in dipstick head provides dust protection even if hose becomes damaged or removed

  • Beaded hose adapter allows for quick removal of vent hose for oil changes or level checks 

  • Durable and weather resistant thermoplastic rubber hose

  • No moving parts

  • Designed and made in USA

Dipstick on tractor
Complete VDS kit

What's in the kit?

Vented Dipstick


Custom Vent Cap




Zip Ties


Otis Decal

Detailed Instructions

Why VDS?

The video shown here depicts an example of a pressurized front axle. If you have experienced this with your tractor, there is a differential from ambient pressure within the axle housing. This pressure is being exerted on every internal component of the axle housing, including all seals. The VDS protects the seals from pressure-related leaking and failure by allowing the housing to vent freely and equalize with ambient conditions.

The part shown here is an OEM-termed "breather". It is factory installed on various late model tractors and OEM replacement "vented" dipsticks. This is not a vent. It is a pressure relief valve (PRV) that allows air to exhaust from the axle housing upon exceeding the pressure exerted on the valve disc by the spring. The valve will only permit relief flow in one direction and does not allow for bi-directional venting or equalization of the axle housing to ambient pressure.

Pressure release valve
OEM "Breather"
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